Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Update Post Doctors

Its been a quiet few days - the pain has been much less although I don't count that as progress as there seems to be a cycle of pain with a few days respite every month.....it always comes back though and even as I type, I can feel the familiar twinge in my left hip :-(

Doctors this morning and a prescription increase to 25mg of Amitriptyline each night.  10mg has been knocking me out so not sure how many hours I'll be awake on 25mg but if it kills the pain, it will be worth it.  I can go up to 75mg apparently.....not sure I'd manage any awake time at that level!!!

The doctor was nice and supportive, and asked to see me again in 2 weeks if the pain was easing to cancel my sick note or 4 weeks if there was no change to increase the dose again.

I will write again tomorrow when I wake up!!!!

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