Friday, 1 May 2015

Crocheting My Way Through

My posting frequency has been poor this week and there are two good reasons for that, and they are linked.

Depression and Crochet.

I realise that these are not two subjects that are commonly placed together but in my case, one is very much containing the other.

My depression is very firmly tied to my pain issues.  I am finding it increasingly hard to envisage what my future can possibly be with a pain disorder that cannot be controlled or cured.  This is exacerbated by the lack of any real interest or sense of urgency in the medical profession and a wealth of conflicting advice on the internet.

Online, I can find only the questions and concerns of thousands of other pain sufferers, all desperate for the same answers that I am looking for.  Any search about abdominal pain brings up a load of pages about IBS - which I am still certain I do not have - and the often conflicting suggestions of exclusion diets, anti-spasmodic medication etc.

Any ripple in the steady grey that is my life sends me spiralling into very black thoughts.  

So I needed a plan - something to focus my mind on when the pain is bad and/or the depression is swooping in - and the plan I settled on was crochet and knitting hats.  

I know its a bit bizarre but stay with me while I explain......I have limited ability at both knitting and crochet and with the assistance of Youtube tutorials, I am slowly increasing my skill levels and so far I have made eight hats.  All pretty good looking hats actually.

My plan is to create a shop on Etsy and sell them.....or at least attempt to! 

Here are seven of the eight but please excuse the mess around them.

As for the pain, no real change.  I am three days into my increased prescription and am ever watchful for any kind of improvement.

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