Sunday, 3 May 2015


So after a reasonably good day yesterday - which I naturally attributed to the increase in my meds and considered to be positive - today has been awful.

I woke at 7am in pain and drifted in and out of sleep for another three hours whilst the pain came in waves.  It wasn't excruciating but it was more than just uncomfortable.  Again, I thought perhaps the meds are taking away some of the strength of the pain.

I got up just after 10am and made it downstairs for some breakfast but by 11am I was in agony and back in bed, staying there until 2pm when the pain subsided.

The meds are almost certainly making me sleepy - it is a known side effect - and I am steadily increasing in weight - another known side effect.  I think it is fair to say that today I feel extremely low.

My husband made me some lunch and then persuaded me to take our dog for a walk, which I grudgingly agreed to do.  Now I am back and feel exhausted.  No pain but very fed up and sleepy.

I seem to live in comfy, baggy clothes and my face hasn't seen anymore than a lick of eyeliner in almost 8 weeks now.  I can't go anywhere because I am off sick and I feel like I am going stir-crazy stuck at home every day.  I have had enough.

I just want my life back.   

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