Friday, 17 April 2015

It's all in the Hip!

Well, its Friday and the week has seen some progress although by no means as much as I would like.

The amitriptyline is definitely making a difference - one that is hard to explain and not the huge, life changing difference that I was hoping for - but there is a difference.

Before I started taking the tablets (10mg), my pain would begin within moments of waking every day.  I would go from being peacefully asleep to writhing in pain within 5-10 minutes.  The pain would last until about 11.30ish, come and go in waves, and increase in severity and then die away as the morning progressed.

Last week was my first week on the tablets, and there was no difference at all in my pain, but I was sleeping better (I am a very light sleeper).  This was helpful in itself as any chronic pain sufferer will confirm that exhaustion is one of the hardest parts of dealing with pain.

Since Monday this week, the pain has started to change.  Increasingly, as the week has gone on, it takes longer for the pain to start.  Yesterday, I got to about 10.00 before it really kicked in.  When it does start, it is different.

It is like the medication (which simplistically interrupts the pain signal from the nerve and stops it getting to the brain) is dulling the spread of the pain, so I am not always getting the full sweep of agony from hip to hip.  This leaves me with the odd sensation of being able to feel what is going on in my left hip (which is the troublesome one!).

I can feel something isn't right in there.  I have never been able to "feel" anything because the spread of pain is so breathtakingly agonising that I can't truly feel anything.  Sometimes now, I can feel something.  I have also noticed that it hurts to move in my hip sometimes.

So....having had all gynaecological causes ruled out, what does all of this mean?

I have spent a HUGE amount of my week on Google and have come to the conclusion I must either have something wrong with my colon or bowel (although the location doesn't feel right), I could have a problem with kidney stones (renal colic has all of the same symptoms that I get) or there could be something wrong with my hip or lower back.

None of those suggestions go anyway to explaining why I only get the pain in the mornings though.

Hubby thinks it is nerve pain so that it my next Google session!

As for is now almost 10am and the pain is just starting to get into gear - around 4/10.  This is later than yesterday so I will count that as progress.

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